How to Determine if You Have a Common Cold

Stuffy, running nose, coughing, congestion—ut oh, sounds like you’re developing the common cold. If you’re beginning to feel under the weather, you may be wondering how to determine if you have a common cold or even something more serious. In this article, we’ll outline how to determine if you have a common cold by identifying […]

Common Cold Clinical Research Studies Forming in Miami

flu common cold clinical research

With fall in full swing and the winter months coming, the common cold is starting to plague people everywhere. Although suffering from a cold is not fun by any means, there are common cold clinical research studies forming in Miami that will pay you to try new treatments. Symptoms of the Common Cold The common […]

How to Apply for a Clinical Trial

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials help researchers make it possible to apply the latest scientific and technological advances to health care. Whether a clinical trial is being conducted to test a new drug, treatment, or device, the purpose is to find new and improved methods of treating, preventing, and diagnosing different diseases. In order for researchers to test […]

Doctors Find Incentives Referring Patients to Studies

miami clinical research

Research studies are happening across the country each and every day and thanks to the continued focus of scientists and researchers in the medical field to find cures and better treatment methods, this trend will only continue to climb upwards.  So, what happens when a clinical trial is slated, but there are not enough participants […]

Find Research Studies That Pay Near You

Get Paid Research Studies

Scientific progress depends in great part on the willingness of people to volunteer their bodies and time to research studies. The good news its that by participating in studies you are not only helping improve science and medicine, you can get paid for it too.  Getting paid through research studies is easy if you know […]

How to Sign Up For Clinical Research Studies

Clinical Research Study

If you are considering signing up from a clinical research study either to make some extra money or try a new treatment for a condition you are experiencing, it can be difficult to know where to start.  You have probably heard of clinical research studies, especially if you yourself are experiencing a life threatening disease […]