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Get Access To The Latest Treatment By Participating

You may qualified to participate if you:

  • Between ages 8-17
  • Must be NO history of anxiety disorders
  • Must have been diagnosed with ADHD
ADHD Children

Why Participate?

Miami Clinical Research is focused on developing safe and effective medications to treat common disorders, through medical advancements.

  • Play an active role in your healthcare
  • Learn more about your condition
  • Advance medical knowledge of the condition, which could benefit people who has the same condition in the future

What To Expect?

From the momnet you walk into our clinic you can expect our specialists to guide you and your child through every step of the study making sure you are both completely comfortable. along the way..

  • Study duration of 6 visits
  • Physical Exam and blood testing
  • Complete physical and psychological evaluation
  • Monitoring of your visits by a Board-Certified Physician
  • Medication will be provided to participants at no cost

Ready To Participate?

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CALL: 786-756-6954