Getting Started is Easy!

Potential Patient Itinerary

For those interested, we make it easy to get started and to verify eligibility.



In this stage, we address specific inclusion/ exclusion criteria for the study and other issues for suitability. An over the phone interview for qualification may also be required.



In this stage, you will receive a study consent form (ICF). You will meet the doctors and clinical coordinator. Often required is a physical assessment and a review of your medical history. A waiting period phase may also be required.



After we qualify you, the treatments will begin, you will also be allocated at random to receive one of several clinical interventions which could be placebo. You and your Doctor may not know what you receive.


Treatment Period

During the treatment period, we will be monitoring your progress and assets of adverse events. Depending on the study, follow up visits, labs and EKGs may be required or needed.


Final Phase/End Of Treatment

When your trial is done, you will have one last safety visit required as well as, labs, physical assessments, and enclosing adverse events.