From Inclusion to Innovation: The Role of Diversity in Research

Diversity and inclusion within clinical trial settings is essential for accurate and trusted results to be gathered. Large corporate pharmaceutical companies can no longer ignore the crucial impact that diversifying the sample population can have on the results of clinical trials, and most importantly how the information gathered in those trials will be used for […]

Revolutionize Pharmaceutical Decision-Making with Advanced Data Analytics

As a leader in the large corporate pharmaceutical industry, you are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve business performance. You want to have access to high-quality data and insights that can provide decision-making support and make strategic planning more efficient. With the advancements in technology, data analytics and software technology are now at the […]

Investing in Health: Pharma’s Vital Role in Medical Research

As large pharmaceutical companies, you have a responsibility not only to your shareholders but to the public as well. Ensuring the health and wellness of everyone is a huge part of that responsibility. Through increased investments in medical research and clinical trials, you can help create quality healthcare solutions in the treatment of diverse medical […]

The Journey to Life-Saving Vaccines: Unveiling the Complex Process

The development and approval of vaccines is a highly complex process that involves multiple complex steps. Creating an effective immunization is the result of diligent clinical trial research and careful evaluation from regulatory bodies ensuring safety, efficacy, and quality before any new vaccine can be approved for use. At Miami Clinical Research, our medical researchers […]

Empowering Change: How Oncology Trials Drive Medical Advancement

Miami Clinical Research - Mammogram

At Miami Clinical Research, we understand that large pharmaceutical companies have extensive commitments to medical research, and that oncology clinical trials are a major part of the advancement of medical care. We are dedicated to providing innovative clinical research practices and efficient drug development that ultimately helps pursue the ultimate goal of improving the treatment […]

Redefining Patient Recruitment and Retention in Clinical Research

Attracting high enrollment and maintaining retention in clinical trials and medical research is essential to ensure the success of a study, and essential to providing accurate results for pharmaceutical companies.    At Miami Clinical Research (MCR), the Nation’s 1st subject recruitment social media channel, to call center, to marketing department are all dedicated to the […]

Boosting Participant Retention: The Patient-Centric Approach in Clinical Trials

Any pharmaceutical company looking for a reliable clinical trial sponsor should understand the importance of patient-centric approaches in order to increase participant retention and obtain more accurate results. At Miami Clinical Research, patient-centric practices are an integral part of conducting successful clinical trials.   Patient-centric practices refer to strategies that focus on the patient as […]

The Fast Lane to Better Healthcare: Efficient Clinical Trials at Miami Clinical Research

At Miami Clinical Research, we understand the importance of advancing medical science and bringing new, innovative treatments to patients. Through clinical trials, we can make a difference in the life of those who need it most by accelerating the drug development process and making medications available sooner.   Clinical trials are an essential part of […]