Find Research Studies That Pay Near You

Get Paid Research Studies

Scientific progress depends in great part on the willingness of people to volunteer their bodies and time to research studies. The good news its that by participating in studies you are not only helping improve science and medicine, you can get paid for it too. 

Getting paid through research studies is easy if you know what to look for. Individuals who suffer from a certain disease or condition may be eager to jump into research related to that specific condition, however, there are lots of studies that need to be conducted with healthy volunteers as well. 

Most anyone can participate in a research study and make some extra money, but keep in mind that you must match with the study before you can be accepted. 

Getting Started with Research Studies 

There are several different ways to get paid through research studies, but it may require that you do some research first. 

The first way to get paid through research studies is to sign up for medical tests and trials. If you don’t mind being poked and prodded, this may be a great gig for you to earn some extra cash. 

Being a human guinea pig can not only net you some money, it helps bring about changes and advances in the medical community that can truly help others. 

If you choose to participate in medical research studies, be prepared to fill out lots of paperwork pertaining to your medical history. You should also be prepared to have a physical and potentially some other testing done to determine if you are a fit for the study. 

Some research studies require that you have a certain illness or aliment in order to participate, while others are looking for otherwise healthy individuals. You are best advised to do your research first and find studies that you qualify for. 

Getting paid through research studies is easy and the compensation will vary based on what kind of research you are participating in. You can expect to make anywhere from $25 for testing next year’s flu vaccine to $5,000 or more for testing or treatment that requires overnight stays and consistent follow up. 

Interested in something less invasive? No worries, there are plenty of research study options that don’t require you to lend your body to science. 

Psychological studies, for example, can net you $10 to $60 per hour of participation. Psychological studies are typically geared towards looking for insights into human thought and behavior such as memory, decision making, learning and perception. 

Many market researchers are looking for insight into consumer behaviors. Making money through psychological studies is generally quite easy and the pay is very lucrative. 

If you are looking to get paid through participation in research studies, there are many options out there and you can end up making a decent chunk of change for doing little actual work. 

You participation in research studies, no matter what kind, helps researchers all across the country test and trial new medical treatments and technologies and predict human behaviors-all while making you some easy extra money!