From China to the U.S.: Mysterious Respiratory Illness Sparks Health Anxiety

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The flu season always brings with it its unique set of worries, but reports come to light that China is experiencing a surge in respiratory illnesses amongst children – along with rumors of a mystery illness making its way to the US – the situation becomes that much more concerning.


The reports or video surfacing of groups of people, seemingly being treated for a mystery respiratory illness, predominantly hitting children, has certainly been a cause of concern for the medical community across the country. This has raised tensions that it could become a pandemic and making its way to Washington D.C., largely impacting hospitals, emergency rooms, urgent care locations and clinics in the area. 


The World Health Organization (WHO) is reportedly reviewing data from China and while Chinese officials have insisted that these mysterious cases of respiratory illness are caused by the flu and other known pathogens, their transparency in its initial reports on the COVID-19 pandemic become questionable.


WHO, via an international legal mechanism, requested further data from China on the increase in hospital admissions in children due to bacterial infections, RSV, influenza, common cold viruses as well as other diseases. And while WHO suspects these cases end up being just another flu season scenario, it doubles its efforts to monitor the situation in order to detect any unusual or novel disease to assure the public’s safety.


Here at Miami Clinical Research, we understand just how significant these moments are to act with speed and wisdom to make sure that new illnesses don’t spread and start a full-blown pandemic. That is why we are working diligently to develop and propose treatments aimed at identifying and controlling respiratory illnesses that may have global reach.


Within our clinical trials, we test new technologies and protocols designed to reduce the exposure probability of potential health risks and enhance safety protocols. Our team is also ready and able to develop quick response plans in the event a dangerous disease should spread.


At Miami Clinical Research, we know that everyone wants to live in a safe and healthy world and it is for this reason that we promote so much the awareness of new illnesses and safety protocol — the only way to make sure the global population is protected is to take ALL the necessary precautions before it’s too late.



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