How to Find Research Studies in Miami

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You have probably heard about research studies and how you can participate in them to earn some income on the side or try new technology or treatment related to a disease or condition you have, but you are probably wondering how to find research studies. 

This article will provide you with some useful information regarding research studies and how to find ones to participate in. 

How to Find Research Studies

If you are interested in looking to participate in research studies, it can be difficult to know where to start. The fact is, drug companies, universities, hospitals, research labs, etc. are always looking for qualified candidates to participate in their clinical trials, you just need to know where to find them.

First, it is important to find studies to participate in that are backed by an accredited institution. If an offer seems shady, it probably is. Unfortunately, thanks to the internet, running scams is easier than ever. 

That being said, there are hundreds of research studies out there looking for the right group of participants to carry out their research. Below are the top places to look for research studies. 

Physician Referral 

If you have a particular disease or condition for which there is no known cure yet such as cancer, you are likely already working with a doctor in that specialty. Your doctor should be in the know regarding what research trials are happening and whether or not you would make a great candidate. 

The clinical trial organizers love getting participants who were referred by their physician because they have already been pre-screened as a potentially qualified candidate for the study. 

Support Groups 

Again, if you are dealing with a disease or illness, you may be participating in a support group with fellow sufferers. If not and you are looking to participate in a research study, you can join a group. 

Many recruiters for clinical trials will attend the group meetings to give information on a new trial they are conducting. This is a great way to not only network with other people who share your battle, but to find research studies to participate in. 


Today, you can do almost anything online, including finding a research study to participate in. 

The best place to begin your search for a legitimate research study is this site is backed back the NIH. 

NIH stands for the National Institutes of Health. They are headquartered in Maryland but conduct trials all over the country. 

Additionally, you can check your local classified ads on a site like Craigslist. Many researchers who are looking for participants for a research study will advertise on such sites in an attempt to attract qualified candidates. 

If you are interested in participating in a research study, contact Miami Clinical Research at 305-433-6496.