Medical Studies in South Florida Focus on Women’s Health

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Medical Studies in South Florida Focus on Women’s Health

Women’s health has historically been swept under the rug and regarded as something that comes from being born female. From menopause to yeast infections, women often feel embarrassed and ashamed to voice their struggles to their close friends, let alone their doctors.

Today, researchers in the medical field are taking notice and bringing women’s health issues to light. They’re attempting to break the mold and discover treatments that help women deal with some of their most common female health issues.

A South Florida research center is dedicating a whole series of medical studies to women’s health and finding safe, effective treatments for women’s biggest concerns.

Improving Women’s Health Through Research Studies

It goes without saying that men and women are different, and therefore have different health concerns. Women deal with several health issues that historically haven’t received a lot of medical attention.

Women have always been underrepresented in clinical trials and now that we know more about the gender differences on a molecular level, it’s time to hone in on gender-specific treatment options.

A South Florida clinic has set out to make women’s health a priority by conducting research studies that focus specifically on finding treatment for women’s health issues.

South Florida Clinic to Focus on Specific Women’s Health Issues

Miami Clinical Research is currently accepting applicants to participate in clinical trials for four different hot-topic women’s health issues. These issues include:


Menopause is a fact of life for women, yet there is so much we don’t understand about it and how to treat the sometimes unbearable symptoms. From hot flashes and night sweats to unexplained weight gain, women need reliable treatment options that help them to cope with this inevitable female rite of passage.

Recurring Yeast Infections

Yeast infections have historically been a taboo subject, with many women feeling embarrassed and ashamed by their condition. While a one-off yeast infection can be easily cleared by an antibiotic, recurring yeast infections remain a mystery to which there is often no cure.


Endometriosis is defined by heavy pelvic pain and excessive bleeding which can seriously interfere with your quality of life. Not to mention the fact that this condition can wreak havoc on your fertility. This condition is largely misunderstood, and the current treatment options are not providing the relief women need.

Long-Acting Reversible contraceptive

Women need more birth control options that aren’t a nuisance to remember and don’t interfere with future family planning goals. With long-acting reversible contraceptives, women have the freedom to know they’re preventing pregnancy without worrying about a daily pill or invasive procedure.

These are four major areas of concern for women that are now being brought to light and researched in the in-depth manner they deserve. These clinical studies for women’s issues are open for applicants now.

If you’re a woman who’s suffering from any one of these conditions or issues, you can help advance the future of medicine for all woman-kind by participating in clinical trials that test the effectiveness of new treatments that just may become the new health standard for women’s health issues.