Miami Clinical Research: Your Partner in Clinical Trials and Medical Research Success

Bringing a new drug onto the market is a complex journey. One fraught with challenges and obstacles, but more importantly, brimming with opportunities for bettering human health. At the heart of this journey are well-executed clinical trials, the backbone of any successful new therapeutic product. For pharmaceutical companies invested in making this odyssey a success, Miami Clinical Research extends an invitation to partner with them.

Miami Clinical Research lives and breathes clinical trials. The evidence? Our bustling multi-specialty research campus, receiving over 200 subjects daily, and hosting over 65 onsite physicians. With state-of-the-art technology and myriad specialties under one roof, pharmaceutical giants won’t have to look elsewhere for comprehensive medical research support.

Offering much more than just expertise, Miami Clinical Research champions efficiency and promptness. We understand the need for expedited contracting in this industry that ticks on ‘time equals life’, hence, our average turnaround time of 2 weeks or less for all CDAs and agreements.

In an environment that is increasingly data-driven, Miami Clinical Research’s potent combination of credible data analytic capabilities and advanced software usage ensures real-time access and data transmittance for on-going trials. A game-changer for efficient decision making and course correction during clinical trials and beyond.

Critical to our success are our skilled and certified clinical research associates (CRAs) who remain at the heart of clinical trials. With their experience spanning over 80+ studies, the MCR team exudes clinical excellence; a testament is the recognition by Life Sciences Review as a “Top 10 Clinical Research Provider”.

Simply starting a clinical trial isn’t enough, securing high subject enrollment and retention is the linchpin of any successful trial. At Miami Clinical Research, we combat this hurdle with our innovative subject recruitment approach— inclusive of the nation’s first-ever subject recruitment social media channel, full-scale call center, and marketing department, thereby maintaining a consistent “High Enroller” status.

The Miami Clinical Research experience is not just restricted to achieving medical research milestones but extends to a luxurious hospitality experience. Our research site, nestled in the heart of Miami, Florida, offers access to five-star dining, premium accommodation, and tantalizing Miami beach attractions for Sponsor & CRO personnel 

Miami Clinical Research’s dedication to clinical trials is unwavering and our commitment to our pharma partners is steadfast. We invite large corporate pharmaceutical companies to partake in this dedication and commitment, blending their efforts with ours to actualize successful trial outcomes and ultimately, healthier tomorrows.

At Miami Clinical Research, we are dedicated to bringing the latest pharmaceutical studies to life with the help of our state-of-the-art equipment and technology. Our cutting-edge facilities and reliable services provide Sponsors with the confidence and assurance that their research studies are being conducted at a “Top 10 Clinical Research Provider.” To learn more, call 305-433-6496 or email us at