Minimize Time Delays and Maximize Productivity with Miami Clinical Research’s Contracting Solution

When large corporate pharmaceutical companies embark on drug development and clinical trial initiatives, they are often met with delays in clinic start-up due to drawn-out contracting processes. At Miami Clinical Research (MCR), we are singularly focused on expediting the process and smashing through the bottleneck that can prevent clinical trial initiatives from getting off the ground. We know the headache behind the delays and the huge cost involved. That’s why we have implemented an expedited contracting-solution to help large corporate companies commence clinical trials with minimal time delays. 


In order to facilitate quick start-up executions, MCR has developed a process to ensure contract documents like confidentiality agreements (CDAs) and other related documents are created and signed in the most minimally invasive and efficient way possible. This process ensures signatures should be in 2 weeks or less, allowing corporate pharma companies to commence drug development and clinical trial initiatives in the shortest timeframe possible. 


In today’s fast paced medical research and clinical trial world, being able to begin clinical trials without long delays is crucial. Not only does it bring drugs and treatments to the public faster, it also avoids costly time delays that can bring a research project to a virtual halt. MCR is playing a major role in advancing drug development to benefit public health – all while shortening the time corporate pharma companies have to wait before they are allowed to start and/or resume their clinical trial initiatives. 


We are proud to offer solutions that help reduce turnaround times for corporate pharma companies, which means crucial clinical trial initiatives are less likely to experience delays due to contracting and administrative hang-ups. We also recognize the importance of privacy and confidentiality, and so all our CDA solutions are built with the highest standards of data and intellectual property safety in mind. 


At MCR, we believe that quick contracting should be the norm, not something that takes weeks and even months to compete depending on the complexity of the agreement. Our solutions facilitate the process and minimise delays to help large corporate pharma companies quickly and securely move forward with their medical and clinical research projects. We give large corporate pharma companies the green light on drug development projects as soon as possible, removing the drag between study initiation and completion. 


MCR is dedicated to helping large corporate pharma companies move forward with clinical trial initiatives in the shortest amount of time. Our expedited contracting process brings lots of advantages to medial and clinical research projects, providing an efficient solution to close the knowledge gap and prepare the world for the benefits that will come from new pharmaceutical products. 



At Miami Clinical Research, we are dedicated to bringing the latest pharmaceutical studies to life with the help of our state-of-the-art equipment and technology. Our cutting-edge facilities and reliable services provide Sponsors with the confidence and assurance that their research studies are being conducted at a “Top 10 Clinical Research Provider.” To learn more, call 305-433-6496 or email us at