Paid Clinical Studies for RVVC in Miami

RVVC is a common issue that many women deal with discreetly. There is much to be discovered about RVVC, including how to properly treat and cure it. 

For most physicians, the proper treatment of RVVC remains a challenge. This condition accounts for more than 10 million OBGYN and family physician visits annually and it is one of the leading reasons for patients to visit their OBGYN. 

As we look to gain more insight into RVVC, clinical studies for RVVC in Miami have commenced. 

What is RVVC? 

RVVC is recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis. This condition presents as severe discomfort in the vagina. 

More than 50% of women age 25 and older have a least one case of VVC (vulvovaginal candidiasis), however, only about 5% of those women will experience recurrent episodes (RVVC). 

Recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis is defined as a woman having four or more episodes of VVC in one year. 

RVVC is believed to be caused by a fungal infection. In fact, over the counter antifungal therapies rank in the top 10 best selling over the counter products in the United States with an estimated $250 million in annual sales. 

Millions of women suffer from vaginitis each year and many of them suffer from chronic or recurring infections. 

Over the past couple of decades, there have been centers established that are dedicated to evaluating and treating women with RVVC. In conjunction with these centers, there are many clinical studies being performed to determine new approaches to this highly common problem. 


Unfortunately, women who suffer from vaginal discomfort often don’t want to talk about. Instead, they choose to discreetly self-medicate using over the counter antifungal creams. 

The problem with self-diagnosing and self-medicating is that the treatment is often not the answer to RVVC. In fact, sometimes over the counter treatments can actually perpetuate the infection and make symptoms worse. 

Research has shown that there is no one cause of RVVC, there are a variety of infecting organisms that can cause the infection. Therefore, treatment of the infection will need to be tailored to the strand of organism that is causing the infection. 

Patients who present with recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis are strongly encouraged to seek professional medical help in order to properly diagnosis their condition and find an effective treatment plan. 

For best clinical results, women should seek help from a medical professional for their discomfort before they try any over the counter medications. Lab tests will yield the most accurate results if no other medication is being used at the time of testing. 

Physicians should be taking a thorough history of the patient before determining the best treatment including; color and quantity of the discharge as well as the severity of the itching, burning and irritation. 

There is much to be discovered about RVVC, its causes and the best treatment methods. Researchers hope that the paid clinical studies for RVVC in Miami will help them reveal some of the answers to their questions about this condition. 


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