Participate in Clinical Research Studies in South Florida

If you are looking to participate in a research study near you either to contribute to the advancement of science, make some extra money, or both, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to find and participate in studies being conducted in your area.  

Research studies are being conducted every single day, all across America with the hopes of getting new medicines, treatments and procedures approved for use. As a participant in a research study, you have the unique ability to help improve the lives of others while making some extra cash.

This article will help you to figure out how to participate in a research study near you. 

Where to Find Research Studies 

Research studies of all kinds are being conducted daily all around the country. Every study is different as are its requirements. 

Some studies are looking for participants who suffer from a certain disease or aliment, while others are looking for healthy individuals with little to no health history. 

If you are someone who suffers from a specific disease or condition, you may feel motivated to find research studies specifically pertaining to finding answers to your disease. 

People who suffer from terminal illnesses to which there is no known cure yet, such as cancer, often willingly sign up for research studies that can potentially help their symptoms and lead to a cure for their disease.

If you are interested in participating in a research study but don’t have any medical conditions, don’t despair, there are plenty of researchers out there looking to trial their treatment on healthy individuals. The key is to find a research study that works well for you and the researchers conducting the study. 

One of the first places to begin your search for a study to participate in is to ask your doctor or other local medical professionals. Doctors are usually a great resource for finding studies that you qualify for because they are in the know and usually up to date on local studies. 

Consulting with your doctor is particularly helpful because it is always recommended that you see your doctor before consenting to participate in any kind of clinical trial to ensure you are healthy and fit for the role. 

Another resource for finding reputable studies is This is a searchable database that can help you to find a study that fits with your conditions, lifestyle and needs. 

This site will provide you with information regarding the purpose of the trial, who can participate, locations, contact phone numbers and more. 

There are also many other websites designated to helping connect participants with studies near them but be wary of scams. Research studies require you to fill out a lot of paperwork and provide detailed personal information, be sure you are only giving your information to a reputable and honest source. 

Once you know where to look, it is easy to find research studies near you to participate in that will help fatten your wallet as well as provide crucial, evidence based information to researchers.