South Florida Research Facility Introduces Studies for Menopausal Women

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South Florida Research Facility Introduces Studies for Menopausal Women

For many women, menopause is a difficult period in their life. It’s often marked by emotional swings, uncomfortable physical symptoms and feeling as if you don’t have control of your body.

We know a lot about menopause and the hormonal changes that take place during this time, however, there aren’t many safe, natural treatments available that women feel comfortable pursuing as a means of relief from their often unbearable symptoms.

A South Florida research facility recently introduced studies for menopausal women that are aimed at finding a reliable, safe treatment for the unpleasant side effects that are frequently associated with menopause.

Research Studies for Menopausal Women

Research studies are performed to test new treatments and medicines before they’re available for mainstream consumption. Of course, before anyone participates in a clinical trial, the course of treatment is fully tested and researched.

Research studies for menopause is a rather new concept, although menopause itself certainly isn’t. Previously, this time was considered a fact of life, something that women just needed to get through.

While it’s true that this is a rite of passage for all aging women, you shouldn’t have to suffer painful, frustrating symptoms if there’s a way to lessen them. Researchers are working hard to find impactful methods of symptom reduction for those who experience crippling side effects.

While there’s no way to prevent or “cure” menopause, we are getting closer to having viable treatment options available for women whose symptoms interfere with their daily life.

Diagnosing Menopause and Current Treatment Options

Menopause usually begins in the late ’40s to early ’50s in most women. Many women will start to notice an irregular or missed periods as their first sign.

Since this change is driven by hormones, your doctor can administer a blood test to verify hormone levels in your blood which will indicate your menopausal status. They can check your TSH, FSH, progesterone, and estrogen; these levels will indicate whether or not you’re still ovulating.

Currently, the treatment options for women experiencing menopausal symptoms that are affecting their quality of life include:

  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Low-dose antidepressants
  • Vaginal estrogen
  • Gabapentin 
  • Clonidine
  • Medications to prevent Osteoporosis

The problem with most of the treatments available is that many of them create more unwanted symptoms, leaving women with little choice and little relief.

South Florida Research Clinics Wants to Help Women Better Manage Their Menopausal Symptoms

For all the women who are dealing with crippling hot flashes and night sweats that are making it difficult to function normally, there’s a new drug being tested in South Florida that just may provide them with the relief they’ve been searching for.

There’s a new oral medication that’s being tested right now for effectiveness at reducing the hormonal symptoms associated with menopause. The time has come for better treatment and management of the side effects of menopause.

Researchers are looking for post-menopausal women who are suffering from night sweats, hot flashes, and other hormone-related changes to participate in this breakthrough study that just may change the narrative for women dealing with menopause symptoms.