The Benefits of Clinical Trials for Patients and the Justification for Physician Referrals

Most medical professionals, including patients, think that clinical trials are primarily used in oncology and that they should only be used as a last resort. Contrarily, the majority of other illnesses provide worthwhile advantages and chances for clinical trial participation. 


For individuals who have not reacted well to current medications or who suffer intolerable side effects, there are intriguing new treatments being researched today for conditions like migraine, high cholesterol, anxiety, and obesity, among others. Extensive clinical trials were conducted, specifically for COVID-19, to create not only vaccinations but also significant therapies and anti-infectives.


According to a recent poll by the patient recruitment and engagement firm BBK Worldwide, 69% of physicians claimed they have referred a patient. However, 68% of physicians mentioned a lack of understanding of recent findings as their top excuse for not making additional referrals.


The significance of good communication between doctors and their patients has been repeatedly demonstrated by medical research in Miami. Patients tend to have more confidence in medical teams that demonstrate an understanding of and willingness to implement findings from clinical research. Professionals in the medical field want to one day be able to provide clinical trials in Miami as a care option. Intriguingly, this is gaining traction in all of the top healthcare systems.


It’s possible that doctors won’t be able to explain research to every potential patient because they typically have hectic schedules. In this situation, the office staff can suggest studies to the patient in accordance with the doctor’s directions. Although many doctors would welcome the chance to participate directly in medical research, the time commitment is significant. Referring patients to well-run clinical trials in Miami can be a beneficial alternative since they allow them to stay informed and involved and frequently form meaningful relationships with the key investigators.


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