The Seven Most Common Types of Clinical Trials

There are seven most common types of clinical trials: preventative, screening, diagnostic, treatment, genetic, quality-of-life, and epidemiological. Below, we will examine each of these in greater depth so that you can understand their differences.


Preventative Trials

Trials that are intended to prevent are used to test novel drugs and vaccinations. Medications include pharmaceutical drugs, as well as vitamins and supplements. This kind of experiment is used by researchers to ascertain whether a drug or vaccination can reduce a person’s chance of contracting a certain illness or condition.


Screening Trials 

The goal of screening trials is to identify methods of identifying and diagnosing specific diseases or ailments before patients exhibit any symptoms. This kind of trial is often used to determine whether earlier diagnosis of the disease or condition can reduce a person’s risk of harm or death.


Diagnostic Trials 

Similar to screening trials, diagnostic trials concentrate on identifying and diagnosing diseases or problems after individuals begin exhibiting symptoms.


Treatment Trials 

New drugs, medical devices, psychotherapy, surgery, or other therapies or treatments are tested in treatment trials to gather data on their safety and efficacy.


Genetic Studies

Genetic research is carried out to discover novel methods to anticipate genetic illnesses sooner, allowing us to assist patients who are at risk of getting these types of conditions or diseases.


Quality of Life Studies 

Studies on quality of life are used to assess the quality of life for those with chronic illnesses. The goal is to identify ways to reduce their symptoms and raise their standard of living.


Epidemiological Studies

Researchers can learn more about the spread of diseases, what factors contribute to their occurrence, and how to effectively combat them by conducting epidemiological studies.


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