Ways to Get Paid When You Have a Cold

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Acquiring a common cold isn’t all bad news; in fact, you could receive financial compensation for being sick!

Aside from taking a paid sick day from the office, there are other ways to get paid when you have a cold. Paid clinical trials are cropping up all over, including right here in Miami, that are helping researchers test new treatments while also giving cold sufferers a boost in their bank account.

Sound intriguing? Read on for more information regarding how clinical trials may be your silver lining the next time you start feeling a cold come on.

Research Studies That Pay When You’re Sick

Of course, no one wants to get sick, but in the case of a common cold, it’s almost inevitable. Even the healthiest people catch a cold from time to time.

While you may not have chosen to feel under the weather, you don’t have to dwell in despair. You can turn the situation into a positive one by choosing to aid in the advancement of the medical community through participating in a clinical trial.

Researchers and scientists use clinical trials to test new drugs and treatment methods aimed at curing or reducing the occurrence of all different types of ailments. Illnesses from the common cold to cancer rely on the help of willing participants to trial new treatments in order to get them approved and available for public consumption.

Participating in a clinical trial provides not only a financial gain for you, but it also gives you access to cutting edge treatments and allows you to be a part of medical history, helping pave the way for new treatments that will help many others down the line.

Closing the Gap on Common Cold Treatment

Institutions like Miami Clinical Research are working hard to close the gap on common cold treatments. New treatment methods are being tested that aim to reduce the severity and duration of colds in both children and adults.

Colds are the most common illness likely to affect both kids and adults and it’s the number one reason for school absences as well as missed days at work. Colds are caused by viral infections, and there are over 200 different virus strains that can cause the common cold, making it difficult to pin down a cure.

As we enter the fall and winter months and we spend more time indoors (yes, even in Miami), there’s an increased chance of people catching colds and suffering from the symptoms that can range from sneezing, coughing, and runny nose to headaches and low-grade fevers.

Researchers are working hard to hone in on effective treatments that can help stop cold symptoms dead in their tracks, reducing the longevity of your symptoms.

Have a Cold? Want to Get Paid?

If you’re searching for ways to get paid when you have a cold, you’re in luck because Miami Clinical Research is looking for you. If you have experienced the recent onset of cold symptoms, you may be able to participate in a clinical trial testing new treatment methods.