Unlock the Potential of New Medications with Miami Clinical Research: The Top 5 Reasons for Pharmaceutical Companies to Choose Us

As a leading clinical research provider, Miami Clinical Research is committed to helping pharmaceutical companies bring their life saving medications to market. With expedited contracting for immediate start-ups, credible data analytics and software technology, highly trained and certified CRAs, a top ranking research site, and high subject enrollment and retention, we provide the best clinical research services to our clients.


  1. Expedited Contracting for Immediate Start-Ups

At Miami Clinical Research, we understand that time is of the essence when it comes to bringing new medications to market. That’s why we’re committed to providing immediate contracting for all CDAs and Agreements. We can have our signatures back to you in two weeks or less, so you can get your clinical trial started right away.


  1. Credible Data Analytics & Software Technology

With our Data Analytics and utilization of the leading software applications in the Clinical Research/Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry, we provide real-time data and access to ongoing trials. We use the most advanced tools available to ensure accurate and reliable results.


  1. Highly Trained & Certified CRAs

Our coordinators and team leads have extensive experience in clinical research and are continuously recognized and awarded for their clinical excellence. With over 80 studies to-date, you can trust our CRAs to provide the best quality of care.


  1. Top Ranking Research Site

We’re proud to be designated as a “Top 10 Clinical Research Provider” by the Life Sciences Review and to be acknowledged within the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry. Major Pharmaceutical Companies have also awarded us for our Clinical Excellence Distinctions and Industry-Partner Awards.


  1. High Subject Enrollment & Retention

We have a full-scale call center, marketing department, and nation’s first Subject Recruitment Social Media Channel to recruit and maintain subjects. Our commitment to high subject enrollment and retention has made us a constant “High Enroller” among sponsors.



At Miami Clinical Research, we have the resources and expertise to provide pharmaceutical companies with the best clinical research services. With expedited contracting, credible data analytics, highly trained CRAs, a top ranking research site, and high subject enrollment and retention, we are your go-to partner for all your clinical trial needs. To learn more, call 305-433-6496 or email us at info@miamiclinicalresearch.com.